Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send Images too?

Yes, you can send any photo, video or sound recording. Most forms of digital media are acceptable.

Does it matter if there is NO audio is or it is poor quality?

If it’s newsworthy then it will sell. It really depends on the event. Exclusive grainy footage will still sell, but poor footage with no sound of a less significant event may not.

Does the media add graphics to my video or edit what I send?

News organization can add graphics and can edit your footage. They are would not be allowed to alter it factually. This would be against all ethics and remember we have the original imagery, as do you. So, in the event of any tampering this would be able to be proven.

Does the media tell me where and when they will use the footage so I can see it, including on their social media platforms?

Due to the large number of media organisations and our reach, it is not possible to inform you of exactly where it will be broadcast. However, we will do our best to let you know.

How can I create compelling footage?

Use the following tips to shoot footage that is compelling for media organisations and get the most out of your auction. Hold the camera still, don't zoom in, hold the shot for 7-10 seconds, including shots of the surroundings area for context and include eyewitness interviews if possible.

Find out more in our blog post - Tips on Creating Complelling Footage.

If my material is rejected as unsuitable before it goes to the Auction, do you give me a reason?

Unfortunately no. Mostly it’s because it’s just not newsworthy in our opinion. We want to send news organizations regular, good quality footage. 


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