Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be attributed (or deleted) as the “eyewitness” as I chose?

You can choose to be contacted or not. That’s up to you and you have this option within our site.

Can I let other people use my Account?

You can let people use your account. However, you can only have one bank account number per user for payment to be made to. 

Can I send Images too?

Yes, you can send any photo, video or sound recording. Most forms of digital media are acceptable.

Can multiple media outlets buy my videos?

No, only one company can win the auction. However, you may see your footage across other media outlets. This because they are either syndicated or the media outlet has shared it with a partner. Remember, the winning bidder has exclusive rights to the footage.

Can other outlets buy my footage eg, online Bloggers or Influencers?

Anyone can purchase the footage. Highest bidder wins.

Do you have any guidelines as to how to write comments. Is there a word count limit?

Not really, just be concise and factual. A good tip is to answer the following: Who? What? Where? How? Why? 

Does it matter if there is NO audio is or it is poor quality?

If it’s newsworthy then it will sell. It really depends on the event. Exclusive grainy footage will still sell, but poor footage with no sound of a less significant event may not.

Does the media add graphics to my video or edit what I send?

News organization can add graphics and can edit your footage. They are would not be allowed to alter it factually. This would be against all ethics and remember we have the original imagery, as do you. So, in the event of any tampering this would be able to be proven.

Does the media tell me where and when they will use the footage so I can see it, including on their social media platforms?

Due to the large number of media organisations and our reach, it is not possible to inform you of exactly where it will be broadcast. However, we will do our best to let you know.

How can I create compelling footage?

Use the following tips to shoot footage that is compelling for media organisations and get the most out of your auction. Hold the camera still, don't zoom in, hold the shot for 7-10 seconds, including shots of the surroundings area for context and include eyewitness interviews if possible.

Find out more in our blog post - Tips on Creating Complelling Footage.

How do I keep my personal information up to date?

You can create your own account and that’s yours to update. It’s very similar to any other subscription service you may use.

How long is the Auction current for?

An auctions starts when the first bid is placed and runs for 10 minutes, unless there is continueal bidding. If there are no bids placed within 24 hours, the auction becomes unsuccessful.

If a file is too big to send, can I send it via Dropbox or similar

In this instance you are better to email us over the portal and let us get in touch with you directly. This is because a link will not automatically upload to the auction site and allow media outlets to bid.

If my material is rejected as unsuitable before it goes to the Auction, do you give me a reason?

Unfortunately no. Mostly it’s because it’s just not newsworthy in our opinion. We want to send news organizations regular, good quality footage. 

If my video is NOT used, can I choose to either leave it in the library or can you return it so I can use it on social media?

If your video is not used, then it will remain with you. We will hold it in our library and our site, but it will be not be passed on to any other entity. If anyone uses your video without first making payment, they would be in breach of copyright. However, if you post your content on a public site, like Facebook, you have given up your copyright.

Is there a maximum file size?

Try to keep the file size under 1GB. Often if there are issues uploading to our site, it’s mainly due to your local data speeds. You need a good strong data connection. Most videos can be sent via your phone over your local network with good 4G or better coverage.

My comments have been removed - why?

Sometimes we may rewrite what is sent to help explain what we are seeing a bit better. We are just making it easier for the newsrooms to read.

What file type is best for uploading video?

Most video files are acceptable. Any video recorded on your mobile phone would be suitable.

What will you do with my personal information such as email address? Will you share it with other companies?

We will only share it if you allow us. We do require you to be contactable by us though and we will respect your privacy.

Will you use my details to send me marketing material?

There are options for you to select where you can permit us sending you marketing material. If you don't tick the box, then we won't send you anything. However, in regards to the footage you've sent us, we do need a contact email address and we may contact you in regard to verifying this. If you want to get updates on tips and join our community of contributors, then please tick the box.


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