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Tip 1: Hold Camera Still

Hold your camera still, don't move it from side to side. You are better to hold the camera on a wide angle and hold your shot on the main action.

Tip 2: No Zooming

Try not to zoom in and zoom out. With digital footage at a high resolution, news organisations can zoom into the action afterwards in their edit suites.

Tip 3: Hold a Shot

 If there are multiple locations, hold a shot for 7 to 10 seconds. Then reframe for the next shot.

Tip 4: Context

If time, try and get some other shots of the surrounding area, so there is some context to what you are covering. Look for local landmarks and street signs.

Tip 5: Eyewitness Interviews

Also, you may be able to record interviews with eyewitnesses. Ask the person you are speaking with to say their name and a contact number to your mobile phone. If they don't wish to, that's their choice.

Tip 6: Assess Situation

Remember, please use your own judgement and be sensitive to any given situation. If someone is in trouble, above all help them, as long as it doesn't compromise your own safety. 


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