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You could make a small fortune on Sell-It.Media, the leading platform for auctioning newsworthy footage to International, Regional, and Local News organizations.

It's simple. Just upload your video or image securely into our system, and we'll do the rest – letting news outlets know your video is ready to be bid on.

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How Does it work?

It’s super easy! Simply upload your media and we’ll tell news organisations about it. If they like it, they’ll bid on it and you get paid. It’s that simple.



Your media is instantly moderated by our team. All relevant news organisations are notified of your media, where they can view and bid on your footage.

Depending on your media content, these news organisations may be national and international news networks or local news providers.


The auction starts and the news organisations bid amongst themselves ensuring you're getting top dollar.

You'll be notified about the auction outcome. The winning news organisations will be put in touch with you, receive your payment details and a link to download the media.

Recent Examples

What is "Newsworthy" media?

Any footage or images that you typically see on news channels could be of interest for buyers.
This may include things like ..

Sports political event humorous act weather record terrorist attack accidents celebrity new technology protest riot injustice breakthrough


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