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We know that sourcing media footage for your news bulletins can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming.  

Sifting through social media pages to find the best user-generated video, contacting account holders, negotiating a price and license agreement.  And all of this in time to reach your production deadline. Exhausting and stressful stuff!

Sell-It.Media makes this entire process easier for you.  

It’s super easy. As a media company or news professional, simply register your name,  and details with us. Once verified, you can log in at any time and view the footage for auction.  Plus to save you even more time, we’ll let you know whenever relevant video for your region or type of organization has been uploaded to the site.

The Auction - How to get Started

Bidding on the footage couldn't be easier. Simply click on the preview link to watch the video then start placing bids below. The highest bid wins the right to use the video.  The winner then receives an automated email setting out the download process.

Auction Duration

Once the first bid is placed, the auction timer runs for only 10 minutes, as we know how time critical sourcing footage can be. If a bid is placed within the last minute the auction auto-extends to 1 full minute.

If no bids are placed on an action within 24 hours the auction closes.


Payment is made directly to the seller's bank account number or via Sell It Media's online credit card payment facility to make it easy.

The winner also pays a Venue Fee calculated at 25% value of the winning bid directly to Sell-It.Media.


By uploading media to this website, the seller grants an exclusive copyright license to the Buyer for a period of 12 months on the terms and conditions set out in the media agreement.


See Media Licence Agreement & Terms & Conditions for full legal details.

Access the best eyewitness video from around the world. Set your preferences to have it delivered to your inbox. You need to be registered to bid. Media only.

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Recent Uploads

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Access the best eyewitness video from around the world. Set your preferences to have it delivered to your inbox. REPRESENTATIVES OF THE MEDIA ONLY.


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