Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be attributed (or deleted) as the “eyewitness” as I chose?

You can choose to be contacted or not. That’s up to you and you have this option within our site.

How do I keep my personal information up to date?

You can create your own account and that’s yours to update. It’s very similar to any other subscription service you may use.

What will you do with my personal information such as email address? Will you share it with other companies?

We will only share it if you allow us. We do require you to be contactable by us though and we will respect your privacy.

Will you use my details to send me marketing material?

There are options for you to select where you can permit us sending you marketing material. If you don't tick the box, then we won't send you anything. However, in regards to the footage you've sent us, we do need a contact email address and we may contact you in regard to verifying this. If you want to get updates on tips and join our community of contributors, then please tick the box.


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