Frequently Asked Questions

Can I let other people use my Account?

You can let people use your account. However, you can only have one bank account number per user for payment to be made to. 

Can multiple media outlets buy my videos?

No, only one company can win the auction. However, you may see your footage across other media outlets. This because they are either syndicated or the media outlet has shared it with a partner. Remember, the winning bidder has exclusive rights to the footage.

Can other outlets buy my footage eg, online Bloggers or Influencers?

Anyone can purchase the footage. Highest bidder wins.

Do you have any guidelines as to how to write comments. Is there a word count limit?

Not really, just be concise and factual. A good tip is to answer the following: Who? What? Where? How? Why? 

Does the media tell me where and when they will use the footage so I can see it, including on their social media platforms?

Due to the large number of media organisations and our reach, it is not possible to inform you of exactly where it will be broadcast. However, we will do our best to let you know.

How long is the Auction current for?

An auctions starts when the first bid is placed and runs for 10 minutes, unless there is continueal bidding. If there are no bids placed within 24 hours, the auction becomes unsuccessful.

If my material is rejected as unsuitable before it goes to the Auction, do you give me a reason?

Unfortunately no. Mostly it’s because it’s just not newsworthy in our opinion. We want to send news organizations regular, good quality footage. 

If my video is NOT used, can I choose to either leave it in the library or can you return it so I can use it on social media?

If your video is not used, then it will remain with you. We will hold it in our library and our site, but it will be not be passed on to any other entity. If anyone uses your video without first making payment, they would be in breach of copyright. However, if you post your content on a public site, like Facebook, you have given up your copyright.

My comments have been removed - why?

Sometimes we may rewrite what is sent to help explain what we are seeing a bit better. We are just making it easier for the newsrooms to read.


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