Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be attributed (or deleted) as the “eyewitness” as I chose?

You can choose to be contacted or not. That’s up to you and you have this option within our site.

Does the media add graphics to my video or edit what I send?

News organization can add graphics and can edit your footage. They are would not be allowed to alter it factually. This would be against all ethics and remember we have the original imagery, as do you. So, in the event of any tampering this would be able to be proven.

If my video is NOT used, can I choose to either leave it in the library or can you return it so I can use it on social media?

If your video is not used, then it will remain with you. We will hold it in our library and our site, but it will be not be passed on to any other entity. If anyone uses your video without first making payment, they would be in breach of copyright. However, if you post your content on a public site, like Facebook, you have given up your copyright.


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